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El Dorado Festival 2018
to Jun 30

El Dorado Festival 2018

El Dorado is an intimate and enchanting boutique festival from the nation's favourite party starters, Cirque Du Soul

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For centuries intrepid explorers have searched the world over for the lost kingdom of El Dorado, a land believed to have streets paved with gold, layered with lakes of fresh water and luscious green jungles - a land so beautiful you will never want to leave.

At the close of June, the golden gates of El Dorado will open for the third time revealing a new weird and wonderful playground nestled amongst the hills of the beautiful English countryside.

Join us and other likeminded Explorers as we escape everyday life in search of something far more exotic.

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“A beautiful celebration of uniqueness and originality”
The Verse

“An incredible glitter soaked circus-themed weekend”

“More magic than ever before”

“A gem in the British festival crown”
Rewind That Track

“The new spot for summer escapism”
Bespoke Magazine

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